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Show the Love Project

Show the Love Project

Show the Love Map Project In the wake of the 2016 election, Unitarian Universalists are showing the love, spreading our message of hope, caring, dignity and justice. Add your congregation's vigils, events, projects, and actions on the UUA Website.    Visit the Show the Love...

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NTUUC Products

NTUUC Products

NTUUC Products Help us Stand On the Side of Love and make a statement with our NTUUC SOTSOL T-Shirts!   Order them here!  You can also make a statement when shopping with our  "Building a more just, loving, and sustainable world" shopping bags. These high quality tees are available in...

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Let Love Lead - North Texas UU Leadership Conference 2017

Let Love Lead - North Texas UU Leadership Conference 2017

Keynote  Childcare  Volunteering  Scholarships  Program  Schedule  Registration "Let Love Lead"North Texas UU Leadership Conference  Broadening the source of Leadership from Bylaws to Love and  the definition of Leadership from those Elected to Those Who Lead...

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Interested in representing your congregation?

More information on the association can be downloaded as well as a Job Description for our Board Members.


What Do We Do?

NTUUC (formerly NTAUUS) consists of the thirteen Unitarian Universalist congregations of the North Texas area - the "North Texas Cluster." Its mission is to support, serve, and strengthen our member congregations.

Communication: NTUUC representatives from member congregations meet quarterly. These meetings provide a chance to share information about events, issues, and activities within the cluster. We promote awareness of and attendance at events sponsored by the congregations, NTUUC, the Southwestern Unitarian Universalist Conference, (the "district," now part of the UUA Southern Region) and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Educational Programming: In keeping with the goal of strengthening congregations, NTUUC offers at least four educational programs and conferences per year. Our goal is to create better-prepared leaders and, thus, stronger institutions. The main leadership-oriented event, which brings in nationally known Unitarian Universalist speakers and offers a wide variety of breakout sessions, is the annual Standing on the Side of Leadership conference. NTUUC also offers a conference on the current Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and semi-annual boards training. Other educational programs are offered or sponsored each year in response to congregational requests or needs. We also co-sponsor programs with organizations with shared causes, especially in the area of social justice.

Leadership Support and Scholarships: NTUUC offers scholarships for leadership training to enable attendance at our programs, regional conferences, and the Dwight Brown Leadership Experience. We also present recognition awards to honor our hard-working, inspiring leaders, and we provide opportunities for volunteers of all ages, including youth, to serve in a variety of roles. We have found that "committee work" reinforces and expands leadership skills and facilitates communication with other leaders.

Religious Education: NTUUC works with NATUURES, the group of religious educators in the area, to jointly offer courses of special interest to that group, such as training for religious education teachers and leadership training for the nationally acclaimed Our Whole Lives sexuality education program for youth, children, and adults. NTUUC provides the funding for these programs and NATUURES provide the expertise.

Website and Facebook: NTUUC also serves as a source of information to our members and the general public about the Unitarian Universalist faith and local and national UU activities, through our website and Facebook page.

Funding: NTUUC supports its member congregations by:

  • Providing annual grants to its member congregations to promote growth;
  • Providing professional staffing and office area to support NTUUC goals;
  • Funding social justice efforts involving multiple congregations;
  • Occasionally providing funds for mortgages for member congregations; and
  • Supplying emergency funding for member congregations facing external unforeseen crises.

Technical Assistance: NTUUC provides technical assistance to its member congregations by identifying needs and locating the resources to meet such needs. Possible areas of assistance include:

  • Worship programming
  • Finance and accounting consulting
  • Religious education
  • Computer skills
  • Audio/visual production and presentation
  • Facilitation of meetings

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