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Events Around the Cluster - Action: Justice: Witness:

Events Around the Cluster Calendar

Daniel Polk

Executive Director,
Daniel Polk

Words from our E.D.:

NTUUC Is Where It's At! (Excuse Me While I Brag a Bit)

I often say that ours is the most organized and active cluster in the UUA, and upcoming events do support that conclusion. Some of us are preparing to attend General Assembly in Providence, and will gather for a dinner while we're there. Meanwhile, planning goes on for workshops, officer meetings, and Social Action.

July 19 is the date of a workshop prompted by an Action of Immediate Witness passed at last year's GA, one opposing institutional racism and racial profiling by police. Bob Ray Sanders of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram will keynote, and we'll hear from both community groups and law enforcement, including the Dallas DA's office. The Ending the New Jim Crow workshop will be held Saturday, July 19, at First Jefferson UU Church:

We're starting up a mentoring program for new presidents of congregations, with past presidents serving as teachers and consultants; Phase Two will be for treasurers. How about that for putting the Cambridge Platform into action? We'll continue our dinner meeting for presidents and VPs, 3:00 on August 10, at First Church in Dallas. This will give the leaders a chance to connect with and learn from their counterparts in other congregations.

Other Social Action events are on the near horizon. October 18 is the tentative date for a workshop about the Congregational Study/Action Issue chosen by delegates to GA. Anyone going from your congregation? Talk to them about the five choices! You can also watch our Social Action blog, with the snappy name of How about a parade/street fair? Dallas Pride is on September 21 (We are about the largest contingent) and this year we're having a second booth in the Family Area, while Fort Worth's is October 4 and 5. The Steering Committee will be considering other projects, but one of the first is to collect stories from people who lived at Raible Place, and compile them into a book and/or video that shows how we've made a difference in our corner of the world.

Are you interested in being part of this action? Please contact your congregation's rep, NTUUC President Anita Mills, at president @, or me at executive @ There's a lot going on, and more to come!

Daniel Polk

Daniel Polk can be reached as well by email at executive @

Daniel's Bio:

A native of Iowa, Daniel has lived in Texas for nearly thirty years, and has learned to drawl, sort of. He is Executive Director of North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations, after working in Dallas in the decorative furnishings business and as an elementary teacher. Once you know him personally, it will not surprise you that he has way too many projects started around the house - alas, the curse of a creative mind.

He has a been a member of First Unitarian Church of Dallas for twenty-five years, and has had many roles - chairing the Worship Committee and leading the Lesbian/Gay group, as well as making untold pots of coffee; there is surely not a folding table or chair that he has not picked up or stacked at least twice.

Daniel has also been president of NTUUC, our cluster of thirteen UU congregations in northeast Texas. It was formed in the late 1960’s and if you give him half a chance, he’ll get started telling about some of the exciting projects of and possibilities for our faith.