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NTUUC Strategic Plan

Plan as of Aug 2020

Events Around the Cluster Calendar


Equipped for Action:
Training for UU Volunteers

kid jumping shadow smaller

"Jumping In On Time"
A gathering for renewal of energy, hope, and connection for teachers, greeters, and other volunteers

Saturday, August 11, 2018
8:30 am

First Unitarian Church of Dallas
4015 Normandy Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75205-1750
(214) 528-3990

mapquest logo  Driving Directions

Help Promote the Event:
Two event flyers are available to download and distribute to your congregations:

This event is being hosted by First Unitarian Church of Dallas and
is being made possible by generous financial support from NTUUC.

 These programs are being offered this year:

Safety & Security - Training for Teachers and Greeters
Spiritual Practice & Self-Care
Side with Love
Small Group Ministry
Youth Ministry - Circle Worship

There will also be:

A Small Group Ministry live session
CPR/AED Training from American Heart Association
Training for Small Group Leaders at First Church
Training for New Teachers at First Church


 Opening Speaker:
Rev. Annie Foerster

"Jumping In On Time"
In the sport of jump rope, “on time'’ is the highest skill!


Registration Information:

There is no fee for registration or childcare, but class sizes are limited.
Please register early to reserve your seat.

Register by Monday, August 6th (11:59pm)


Free childcare will be available -
provided that you make online reservations by August 1st on the registration form.

Children will be served lunch of cheese pizza, raw veggies and fruit, and fruit juices;
if this does not fit your child's dietary needs please bring appropriate snacks and label them with your child's name.


Dietary Concerns

We will have a choice of vegan or omnivore meals - please specify your preference on the registration form..
We are unable to accommodate other special dietary needs.
If you’re on a restricted diet, we ask that you bring something tasty that you will enjoy.


Please contact us at equipped @


2018 Program Details

Please arrive having had a good breakfast, ready for learning and inspiration

8:30 am Check-In, Coffee and Conversation

9:00 am Welcome and Opening

Rev. Annie Foerster, “Jumping In On Time”

9:30am Morning Tracks:

Three morning tracks. Please specify your choice on the registration form.

Safety & Security - Training for Teachers and Greeters
Mitchell Gaston, Community Police Officer from the Dallas Police Department will be presenting.
He participated recently in the Faith-Based Security trainings conducted by the Dallas Office of the FBI.
(This track focuses on what to do when there is an active intruder on campus.)

Small Group Ministry

Susan Miller & Marcia Nieman
Small group ministry can be a vital part of your congregation’s faith formation and community building programs. We will review CIRCLES, the small group ministry program used at First Unitarian Church of Dallas, with two of the founding members of the programs. They will review the purposes, covenants, format, topics, training, structure for an ongoing program & manuals for facilitators, etc. The workshop will also include time for members of other NTUUC churches to briefly describe how they currently organize their small group ministries. Participants can expect to learn about group ministry programs and resources, and to experience basic facilitator training. Most importantly, the workshop will include a short “sample session” to illustrate the power and energy that can develop in small group ministry.

Spiritual Practices and Self-Care

"Jumping Out On Time" with Rev. Annie Foerster
Choosing a spiritual practice that gives balance to your work.

Rev. Foerster will share three of her practices, and others can talk about theirs;
participants will learn and practice those of interest.


12:00 pm Lunch

Channing Hall and Raible Chapel


1:00 pm Blessing of Your Ministry and Work


Afternoon Session begins:

Side With Love - The Fourth Stone: Planting Love and Justice

SIDE WITH LOVE is a public advocacy campaign sponsored by the UUA; it is not a program, and there is no curriculum or how-to book. SWL is actually a platform for use by organizations that are in sync with our ideals, that "seek to harness love's power to stop oppression."

We'll hear from Rev. Nathan Hollister, who leads Sacred Fire Unitarian Universalist* in Central, NC; we'll also have a roundtable on how Side with Love can be used in NTUUC and our individual congregations.
Beth Ferree, Social Justice Chair at UU Church of Oak Cliff, will facilitate the discussion and brainstorming.

*Sacred Fire UU is a ministry that plants covenanted communities and does justice leadership training in congregations across the country.

Youth Ministry Training - Circle Worship

Natalie Briscoe

Youth and Youth Advisors will come together to experience and learn how to develop and lead
this core component of the YRUU experience: youth-led Circle Worship.

CPR/AED Training from American Heart Association
AHA Logo 225
Come learn the skills you need to respond when someone in your community suffers
cardiac arrest. We will practice hands-only CPR, and learn how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) machine.

Small Group Ministry - Live Session

Circles is the small group ministry program at First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Experience a real session led by expert facilitators, Marcia Niemann and Susan Miller. The session topic will be announced at the event. Open to everyone that would like to engage in a spiritually uplifting moment with other UUs as well as those who are curious about what this program feels like.

Training for Small Group Leaders at First
This workshop has been postponed for now - will be rescheduled.

Training for New Teachers at First Church
(Required for all new teachers at First.)


4:15 pm Homeward bound...

Event Registration

- Please register early to make sure you reserve your space.

Registration Form



Our Presenters


 Rev Annie Foerster smaller

Rev. Annie Foerster has nearly 40 years of experience as a UU minister and has gotten the "theology habit." She finds wisdom in many places and use what she finds to stitch together the fabric of her faith. She proclaims that Unitarian Universalists aren't given many answers in church and we are encouraged to "build our own theology."




 natalie briscoe smaller

Natalie Briscoe is currently serving as the Co-Lead for the Southern Region of our UUA. She has amassed over a decade as a Religious Educator, serving as a Director of Religious Education, a Regional Smart Church Consultant, and a National Youth Ministry Consultant before joining the UUA's Congregational Life Staff. Natalie has authored several curricula which are used nation-wide for Youth, Families, and Young Adults, as well as being featured in the Interconnections newsletter for UU Leaders.



 Rev. Nathan Hollister

Rev. Nathan Hollister leads Sacred Fire Unitarian Universalist in Central, NC. Sacred Fire UU is a ministry that plants covenanted communities and does justice leadership training in congregations across the country.



 Beth Ferree

Beth Ferree is Chair of the Social Justice at UU Church of Oak Cliff, Beth is also a life coach and counselor.



 susan miller

Susan Miller is a ten-year member of First Unitarian Church of Dallas. As a Professor at the Richland campus of the Dallas County Community College District she trained as a facilitator of small staff-development groups in “Teacher Formation,” based on the work of Parker Palmer. Subsequently, she became coordinator of the "Retreats for Refreshment and Renewal" program, using Palmer's work, for Richland College faculty and staff. Because of this experience, First Church staff invited her to be in the first cohort of facilitators for their Circles small group ministry. Each year since that invitation, she has been either a facilitator or a member of a circle group.

While a member of the Circles Steering Committee, she and Marcia Niemann collaborated in creating the Facilitator Handbook, now used as a reference for facilitators and a training tool. She and Marcia, along with other members of the Circles Steering Committee, continue to train new facilitators to the present day.



 Marcia Niemann

Marcia Niemann has been a member at First Unitarian Church of Dallas for 18 years and was active in Journey Towards Wholeness (anti-racism work), and was a facilitator in Deepening Groups (a predecessor of CIRCLES). She worked on a long term planning committee that recommended the formation of the CIRCLES program, and then on the committee that did the initial planning for the program.

Marcia has been co-facilitating CIRCLE groups, served on the CIRCLE Steering Committee, and trained new CIRCLE Facilitators since the beginning of the program. She also attended the small group ministry track of workshops at General Assembly in Fort Worth.