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We Want To Marry You!

Thirteen congregations in North Texas:

  • We've been performing same-gender services of union for decades.
  • The first same-gender wedding in this country was performed by our president at our headquarters in Boston.
  • We have more out LGBT ministers than almost all mainline denominations.
  • We have a non-creedal faith with room for your beliefs.
JH wedding
MB wedding cake

Justice is here!
Unitarian minister, Theodore Parker, famously said, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Texas, it has been a long road toward the legal recognition of LGBT marriages, but justice is finally here. With the affirmative vote of the United States Supreme Court justices, we can finally celebrate the full, legal recognition of same-sex marriages.



Your local Unitarian Universalist congregations have been conducting LGBT wedding ceremonies for decades and we will continue to do so now with the legal paperwork behind it. Now that justice is here and marriage is recognized for all loving couples, we will make it legal.

If you and your partner have been denied marriage rights because of sexual orientation and/or gender identity, we want to marry you! Below are area Unitarian Universalist congregations with ministers ready to officiate your wedding. Please contact them directly. Congratulations!

JH wedding

Special Events Around the Cluster

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We have compiled a listing of our available Ministers as well as the listing below of our congregations available for wedding ceremonies:

  Weddings & Ministers for All

horizon uufirst dallasuucocdentonfirst jeffersonwestsidecommunity

Please click on the photos for information on each church.