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Common Ground Street Choir

Emma’s Revolution threw down the gauntlet at their workshop at the General Assembly in 2014. They said we’ve lost the peaceful nonviolent protests of the 60s and 70s. Now, no one seems to know the songs – or sings at protests and marches.  Now it’s the three-word chant, which is confrontational.

They challenged congregations to start Revolutionary Street Choirs to show up at protests to SING the message, and teach the old songs and bring some new ones, too. Singing evokes emotion.  It’s a peaceful, nonviolent way to convey a message.  And it can create magic.

Several of our congregations have picked up the gauntlet and formed the Common Ground Street Choir. They sing out our message at rallys, protests, celebrations, and even in the State Capitol in Austin (for the Legislative Action Day in February, 2015).  We are hoping a new group of activists will rebuild the project once we can perform in public again.

Singing in Austin Feb. 2015
Singing in the Texas State Capitol, Feb. 2015


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Our message on thousands of fans given out at the Pride Parades.

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