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GroundBreakers with Daniel Polk

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  • Up NextGroundBreakers: James Luther Adams
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    Up NextGeorge de Benneville with Daniel Polk
    This UU GroundBreakers is about George de Benneville, the father on Universalism in America. "As...
  • Up NextMeet the Billings - Daniel Polk
    Join NTUUC Executive Director, Daniel Polk, for the UU GroundBreakers presentation and...
  • Up NextMary Lou Hoffman and Roe v. Wade
    Mary Lou Hoffman will be joining to discuss her involvement with six other women who first...
  • Up NextJames Pierpont – Composer of Jingle Bells
    How many know about the artist behind the song?
  • Up NextFive Smooth Stones
    Unitarian Universalists use our Five Smooth Stones to build a more just, loving, and free world.
  • Up NextJames Luther Adams with Daniel Polk
    James Luther Adams - The Most Prominent UU Theologian - Unitarian Universalists use our five...
  • Up NextFanny Kemble – The British Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Fanny Kemble - From actress to abolitionist - With Daniel Polk
  • Up NextThe Flaming Chalice with Daniel Polk
    Jan Hus and the Flaming Chalice – A 600 year-old Symbol of Faith
  • Up NextIowa Sisterhood with Daniel
    The Iowa Sisterhood – Women Who Changed the Course of Unitarianism
  • Up NextEthelred Brown with Daniel Polk
    Rev. Egbert Ethelred Brown – The First Black Unitarian Minister